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Christian Werner

~ Christian Werner ~

"The role of refinement"

Christian Werner (1959, Berlin) pursued studies as an industrial designer in Berlin and Hamburg. He has been working as a freelance designer since 1992. Werner designs furniture, lighting and accessories for various well-known firms.

'Emotion is the key driver for people, in every decision. I am convinced that consumers choose products they feel good with. You don’t buy a car if you don’t like it. No-one buys a car purely based on reason, just as little as colours or furniture. So refinement plays a significant role for me. I believe in the beauty of minimalism, but then – like an Australian artist once described it, and that appealed to me - “minimalism plus”. Otherwise it becomes dry engineering output. A little softness is needed as well. It is my task as designer to give people a product they feel good with, with which they can identify.'