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Arjan Moors

~ Arjan Moors ~

"As a designer and a user, you create a close bond"

He is adverse to a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and much prefers authenticity. Arjan Moors designed his first pieces of furniture during his studies of design in metal and plastics at the Academy for Applied Arts in Maastricht. He built on his love of furniture later on and qualified as an industrial designer. ‘Ever since then, furniture design has been my first love’ said Arjan. ‘As a designer and a user, you create a close bond. The designer puts their heart and soul into a project, while the user lives and works on it. You experience good times and hard times, you party with your friends, or you sit back and relax with a good book’. This is an involvement in furniture than Arjan feels is lacking in many series products.