Leolux Designer Andreas Berlin
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Andreas Berlin

~ Andreas Berlin ~

The traditional design questions are his point of departure, but he distinguishes himself by choosing innovative solutions. Berlin’s designs are powerful, emotional and balanced. But their simplicity lends them a high utility value without superfluous pretences. Andreas Berlin studied at the University of Applied Sciences in iesbaden, where he later also taught. In the meantime, he lives and works in Berlin.

There are many ways to sit, finds Andreas Berlin (1965). In his B flat design the emphasis is on an informal manner of use. ‘I wanted to design a sofa where you can also sit on the back. So it had to be really flat, but also adjustable. The round shape is a logical consequence of that, which I then elaborated on.’ Berlin is convinced of the timelessness of his design, ‘The original idea stems from 2004, so it has already proven itself. The form was created from the function, so it is not stand-alone. This makes B flat much more than a fashion shape.’ Light colours have a clear preference in its look. ‘The advantage of a white finish is that the sofa adopts the colours from the environment. By doing so, the sofa is less dominant in its presence.’