The Leolux collection is the outcome of creative collaboration. People from all kinds of discipline deliver their contribution. At the basis of each design is the designer, but product developers, craftsmen, photographers, stylists and even artists also play an essential role in inspiring and creating.

Leolux works together with a large number of international freelance designers. Each of them has their own vision on the world. They do not work in a vacuum, but stand in the middle of the world.

They look around themselves and try to discover how we live and furnish our homes. They seek inspiration for exciting new ideas. 

The designer and the product developers at Leolux work together to make a product that meets the criteria that Leolux places on a piece of furniture from the first sketch. Sometimes they make concessions on the shape for the sake of the comfort, but the designer’s basic idea may never suffer as a result.

Gino Carollo

Jan Armgardt

Axel Enthoven

Cuno Frommherz

Hugo de Ruiter

Patrick Belli

Gerard Vollenbrock

Stefan Heiliger