Register your Leolux furniture

We know the item of Leolux furniture that you have bought from us. After all, we manufactured it for you ourselves! However, we do not know you, and it can sometimes be helpful if we do. This is the case if there is a problem with your sofa or chair, for example.

If you register your purchase here, we will enter you in our service system, so that we are better placed to help you. 


Product identification number

This form asks for the “Product ID no.” of your furniture. This product identification number is connected with the item of furniture and provides us with all the relevant details about the order (for example the exact upholstery, lacquered colour, etc.). You can find the number on your certificate of guarantee and on the sticker underneath your furniture.


Example of a Product ID sticker

+ Add product ID
Example: 901-100 1535023
The Product ID no. is located on the sticker underneath the furniture.

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