Design Sofa Nardo by Leolux
Design Sofa Nardo by Leolux
Design Sofa Nardo by Leolux
Design Sofa Nardo by Leolux
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Design: Beck Design, 2020


Advanced lounging

Nardo was designed with one sole aim in view: creating a comfy leather lounge sofa (of course this is available in fabric as well). And Beck Design has completely succeeded in achieving this aim. Nardo is a sofa that radiates comfort. Its luxuriant upholstery invites repose and complete relaxation. Of course you can sit upright on it if you like, but Nardo’s comfortable design really comes into its own if you stretch out full length to enjoy every single centimetre.


  • Sofa series: 2.5-seat, 3-seat or 3.5-seat, footstool
  • Headrest available
  • Upholstery: leather, fabric or combinations
  • Seating depth -2 cm / seating height +2 cm
  • Adjustable arms
  • Legs: Fino (aluminium polished or powder coated) or Titan (Black Nickel)

Infinitely adjustable for optimum comfort

Nardo can actually help you find the most comfortable position for lying down. This is why the sofa has adjustable arms on either side as a standard feature. These arms are infinitely adjustable, which means you can convert a delightful seat into a comfortable sofa to lie down and relax. In addition, Nardo’s upholstery is padded with a sophisticated stuffing of HR foam, latex and fibre balls. This ensures a nice soft upholstery that adjusts itself to the shape of your body.

Upholstery variations

You can choose from three different sizes: a 2.5-seat, a 3-seat and a 3.5-seat sofa. The upholstered panels on the back and the sides are a striking feature of Nardo’s design. You can have these parts upholstered in a different material and colour to the cushions to adjust the design to your own taste. The base of the sofa will then be upholstered in that type of material as well. 

Product information

More information about this model? Here you will find the leather and fabric options, the dimensions and technical specifications of this Leolux product.

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