Modest beauty   

Boavista unites compact design with superb comfort. Immediately apparent as a design from Enthoven: light-footed and subtle, all within a familiar design language. You recognise Boavista in the upholstery, which is folded as tight as an envelope. We call it “Beauty through Modesty”.

High or low back?
Whatever version you choose, Boavista’s active comfort is of unequalled class. The version with a high back, though, offers more support and with it a pleasant sense of security. This version also distinguishes itself through a subtle extra detail: an embroidered seam that visually breaks up the expanse of the back. 


  • Available as armchair, 2-seat, 2.5-seat and 3-seat sofa, with high or low back. With matching footstool.
  • Comfort option: seat height +2 cm

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