Rugs Sperto by Leolux
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Design: Maghalie Dooms, 2020


Let your imagination run free

Maghalie Dooms has introduced a striking new area rug in the Leolux collection with her Sperto design. No matter which of the four versions you choose, each pattern stimulates the imagination. You can see anything you like in it, from a cloudy sky to a road map. But it really doesn’t matter what your imagination makes of it, as Sperto is an area rug whose blended shades always form the perfect foundation for your interior.


  • Sizes: 200x300 cm, 240x340 cm or round (280 cm)
  • Colours: Brick, Sky, Bronze, Concrete
  • Materials: 70% % New Zealand Wool, 30% polyester

Colours, sizes and shapes

Sperto is available in four different colours, each with its own design. For example, Brick has more reddish tints in it, while Sky has more shades of blue. And of course, you can easily guess the predominant colours in the Bronze and Concrete versions. There are various options in respect of size and shape as well. All four colours are available in two rectangular versions (200 x 300 cm and 240 x 340 cm) and a round version, which is 280 cm in diameter.