Saltino & Riffle

Rugs from Leolux

A lovely sofa or armchair deserves a lovely rug, so with a Leolux rug you choose the colours and dimensions yourself in the same way as you have a free choice for our furniture. Our Leolux advisors will be happy to tell you more.

Saltino and Riffle

Saltino carpets can be round of square. The Riffle is a rectangular carpet with a striped design. Because they are produced to order, you can choose the colours and dimensions yourself.


  • 100% 'New Zealand' wool.
  • Saltino: round or square, pile heights 32-45-60mm.
  • Riffle: carpet with stripes, pile height 16mm
  • The colours are geared to the Leolux leather and lacquer collection.

Sales & Advice

Leolux Dealers
Leolux works with a network of specialised dealers. Our products are always sold via the Leolux dealer.

Leolux Design Centers
Leolux Design Centers are advice points, where you’ll find the complete current collection. These spacious presentation centers offer you ample opportunities to try out a seat.