Rugs Mizu by Leolux
Rugs Mizu by Leolux
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Pattern: flowing water

Edward van Vliet has a unique talent for creating balance between colour, patterns and use of materials. He chooses timeless patterns, then makes new combinations with them that somehow seem to belong.

Van Vliet’s hand is immediately evident in the rug Mizu. The geometrical pattern on the foreground is characteristic of his work and in the background we see the flowing water that the name “Mizu” refers to. The combination of the softness in the background and the hard, graphic lines in the foreground creates tension and contrast.


  • Mizu is available in the colours Buru (blue), Beju (beige) and Chiaro (brown).
  • The rug is available in the sizes 200x300 cm and 250x350 cm.
  • Materials top: 20% wool / 80% cotton. Bottom: cotton and jute, with anti-slip treatment.
  • Suitable for heavy residential use / moderate contract use