Rugs Izem by Leolux
Rugs Izem by Leolux
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Design: Edward van Vliet, 2017


Classical colour combinations and a vintage look

Edward van Vliet is always looking for equilibrium. Colours, patterns and use of materials must be in balance and form a whole. By opting for timeless motifs, Van Vliet always succeeds in creating new combinations that nevertheless seem familiar.

With the Izem rugs, he put this working method into practice by combining a cube pattern with almost classical colour combinations and a vintage look. Izem is a beautiful machine-woven rug in the soft pastel tint of “Cream” with olive-green cubes, or deep warm blue-grey with dark red.


  • Izem is available in the colour themes of Cream and Blue.
  • The rug can be manufactured in the sizes 200x300 cm and 240x340 cm.

Please note: unique weaving technique

The “vintage” look is not only created by the use of colour, but also by a unique weaving technique. Some of the threads are not cross-woven, which means they are threaded more loosely in the rug. These can tear or be damaged by strong sideways or upwards movements.