Rugs Girisha by Leolux
Rugs Girisha by Leolux
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Design: Edward van Vliet, 2017


A carpet continues to be a treasured possession for many years

Using costly high-quality wool, specialists in India manufacture the Girisha rugs for Edward van Vliet’s Leolux collection. In different sizes and colour themes, hand-tufted and manufactured with high-quality threads. The graphical motif of timeless triangles is applied on a lower level so that these rugs are given extra depth.

Van Vliet ignores fleeting fashion trends. After all, an expensive rug continues to be a treasured possession for many years.


  • The Girisha rugs can be manufactured in a square or round shape in the colour themes of Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • The dimensions of the square rugs are 200x300 cm and 240x340 cm, while the round rugs have a diameter of 280 cm.