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Quality & class

Elegant, pure and refined. Edward van Vliet’s designs touch exactly the right chord in lovers of contemporary interiors. Particularly the graceful way the warm fabrics fall and the soft lustre of the materials. And Van Vliet’s exquisite taste, which he uses to create such subtle combinations.

The products in the Edward van Vliet collection are a treasured possession. Very contemporary, but also with a timeless sense of class.

Patterns and techniques

Inspired by traditional weaving techniques, Edward van Vliet has created a selection of unique patterned fabrics that he has integrated into luxury cushions and plaid blankets. You can easily combine the Polaris and Sashiko accessories in a series or with each other. The warm gloss of the fabrics and the scintillating colour combinations give functional elements such as cushions and plaid blankets a lovely decorative “touch”.

Edward van Vliet

Leolux through the eyes of Edward van Vliet​

The permanent ingredients that together form ‘the world of Leolux’ - craftsmanship, comfort, and quality, produced to order - have remained unchanged for years. As an ambitious company, however, Leolux is always looking for new ways of further strengthening its team and collection. The partnership with the internationally renowned Edward van Vliet goes a long way towards achieving that ambition.

To make the experiences complete, Van Vliet created a series of his own designs for the Leolux world - soft textile products, like cushions, plaid blankets and carpets, and a number of footstools and small tables.


Edward van Vliet’s Amulet series: eye-catching thanks to its shape and proportions, practical in daily use. The octagonal footstool offers an extra place to sit, but is also very handy as a side table due to its sturdy, flat seat.

The rich and comfortable Amulet footstool: an indispensable accessory in van Vliet’s Leolux collection.

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A cube that changes into a circle. Combinations of right angles and circles sometimes give rise to optical illusions. And this is what makes the Prismo tables so visually interesting. And then there is the balance, which is reflected in the refined synthesis between the slim frame and the ceramic tabletop. Timeless design for interiors, created with tender love and care.

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Topsy Turvy

Upside down, back-to-front and inside out; that’s what “Topsy Turvy” means in English. It perfectly expresses what Edward van Vliet intended when he developed this unusual accessory. A cushion that literally has two faces: a fabric side and a leather side. When folded open, Topsy Turvy has a decorative function when you nonchalantly lay it over the armrest like a plaid blanket. That way, it can also be used as back support for smaller users of your sofa. Then when you close Topsy Turvy with the retro wooden buttons, you suddenly have a lovely soft cushion.

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Plaid blankets and cushions: Polaris and Sashiko

The smooth Polaris jacquard fabric was specially designed by Edward van Vliet as the basis for a set of elegant cushions. The refined geometric pattern is reminiscent of ice crystals, an effect reinforced by the shine of the fabric.

The Japanese “Sashiko” embroidery technique was originally used to strengthen fabrics. That inspired Edward van Vliet to design a series of exclusive patterned fabrics. 

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Carpets: Izem and Girisha

Edward van Vliet is always looking for equilibrium. Colours, patterns and use of materials must be in balance and form a whole. By opting for timeless motifs, Van Vliet always succeeds in creating new combinations that nevertheless seem familiar.

With the Izem carpets, he put this working method into practice by combining a cube pattern with almost classical colour combinations and a vintage look. Izem is a beautiful machine-woven carpet in the soft pastel tint of “Cream” with olive-green cubes, or deep warm blue-grey with dark red.

Using costly high-quality wool, specialists in India manufacture the Girisha carpets for Edward van Vliet’s Leolux collection. In different sizes and colour themes, hand-tufted and manufactured with high-quality threads. The graphical motif of timeless triangles is applied on a lower level so that these carpets are given extra depth.

About Edward van Vliet

By combining the disciplines of design, architecture and lifestyle, he can create complete worlds in which every aspect of the interior is paid equal attention. From furniture to lighting and from floors to ceilings; for Van Vliet it’s all about the total experience, about storytelling.

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