Design Sofa Bellice by Leolux
Design Sofa Bellice by Leolux
Design Sofa Bellice by Leolux
Design Sofa Bellice by Leolux
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Beautiful and clever

A real beauty, opulent and inviting. Bellice brings tastes, atmospheres and living styles together thanks to the extensive selection of options and the timeless refinement of its finishing. You can see it in the manually knotted decorative stitches and the loosely upholstered cushions, and you can feel it in the comfort.

Without a doubt, Bellice is one of the most complete Leolux products ever. And the most clever at the same time. Because Bellice has a completely modular structure, even though it’s not visible at first sight. And that structure gives you the freedom to choose almost any format. From very modest to very opulent. Sofas or corner sofas, with countless additional segments, bases, arm variants and comfort options. You yourself determine the look with your choice of upholstery and the colour of the decorative seam, or the options for the arms: high or low, narrow or wide.

Unlike most sofas, the starting point for every choice you make is the desired seating space. So a broader arm doesn’t make the sofa smaller but more spacious; exactly as intended. So you design the sofa, and the people at Leolux will build it for you. Using exactly the materials, colours and dimensions that appeal to you most..


  • Bellice is available as an armchair or sofa with two cushions of 70, 80, 90, 100, or 110 cm. A large number of additional elements, 3 footstools, 2 chaises longues and head supports in 3 widths and an arm cushion make the product complete.
  • You can opt for high, low, wide or narrow arms. In addition, there is an adjustable narrow arm that offers extra comfort when you want to relax.
  • Under your Bellice, you can opt for legs in aluminium (Fino or Sobrio), stainless steel (Tubo) or oak (Palo), or for the Anillo aluminium base. Depending on the options you choose, the metal parts can be lacquered or epoxied, while the wooden legs can be stained or oiled.

Comfort options:

  • Seat and back cushions are available in the variants soft (a down cushion deck, with loose upholstery), medium (high-quality flock filling, with loose upholstery) or firm (solid filling, with “tight” upholstery).
  • Seating height: Standard or + 2 cm.
  • Seating depth: Standard or - 2 cm.

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