Design Dining Table Yama by Leolux
Design Dining Table Yama by Leolux
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Design: A design studio, 2017


Solid wood table of variable lengths

The table is the place where you come together. The ideal place to enjoy a meal, a conversation or a board game. And Yama from Leolux is the place where you can do all of these things.

Yama is a real eye-catcher and is available in different lengths. With straight lines and subtle profiles in black aluminium, giving the sides a streamlined look. The different parts of the tabletop, in solid walnut or oak, have been chosen with great care so that they create the most natural look for your Yama table.

You can lengthen the table by 70 centimetres in an instant. Yama makes it easy for you, thanks to the smart handle under the tabletop and the smooth guidance system.

You can be proud of your Yama, the centrepiece of your dining room. 


  • A dining table in solid wood, with a width of 100 cm and lengths of 190 (260), 220 (290) or 240 (310) cm.
  • The table and the extension panels are available in oak (oil, optional: stain or oil colours) or walnut (oil or optional stain).
  • On the extendable side, the tables are fitted with a handle under the tabletop and invisible wheels that enable you to easily extend the frame. The guide bracket ensures that you can open the extension panels in one movement, even with one hand.

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