Design Dining Table Bondi by Leolux
Design Dining Table Bondi by Leolux
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Design: A Design Studio, 2019


Sometimes it seems as if all tables are the same. Straight lines, a bit boring...

Leolux wanted a new shape; a table that adds style to an interior. And Bondi does just that. Its unusual organic leaf shape is the first thing you’ll notice. Up to five people can sit comfortably around this table. The three-leg steel frame offers stability, with the upperleaf in oak, walnut, Ceramic or user-friendly Fenix giving the Bondi character. That’s how Leolux makes sure you have something to choose from.


  • The Bondi table leaf is available in 230 cm x 120 cm or 200 x 120 cm and can be finished in stained oak or walnut or Ceramic.
  • Or there’s the innovative Fenix: an easy-to-maintain nanotech material that makes the leaf feel soft and warm to the touch.
  • The steel frame is finished in a black powder coating (E2200) or another epoxy colour from the Leolux collection.