Vol de Rêve
Vol de Rêve
Vol de Rêve
Vol de Rêve

Vol de Rêve

The dreamflight from Leolux   

This Vol de Rêve comes forth from a dazzling organic design by Jane Worthington. With little aluminium feet that run delightfully into the base of the back, the programme offers a large number of elements and two arm variants; the comfortable “low” arm and the exuberant “swing” arm. You clamp the little rolls on the back of the cushion between the seat and the back. 


  • Available as 2.5-seat or 3.5-seat sofa, as footstool and as modular programme with a large number of elements.
  • The adjustable arm cushions, the back cushions in various sizes and the headrest offer extra comfort.
  • Metal parts are finished in aluminium and optionally in lacquer or epoxy.
  • Comfort option: seat height +1.5 cm

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