Design Sofa Enna by Leolux
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Design: Hanne Willmann, 2022


Clarity, modesty and sincere design

Designer Hanne Willmann has been working as an freelance designer since 2015. That same year she was proclaimed Design Talent of the Year and has since been making international fame. Her greatest strength: clarity, modesty and sincere design. These keywords unmistakeably describe the Enna model; a contemporary modular system that Hanne Willmann designed for Leolux.

Enna is the refreshing exponent of a new generation of designs.


  • The programme includes an armchair, a love-seat, sofas, divans and a wide range of elements. Matching headrests are also available.
  • The aluminium legs are always finished in powdercoating E2200 Nuit. Other colours are available as an option.
  • Besides the ‘Bent’ arm cushion, there’s also a ‘Straight’ arm with a traditional design.
  • Comfort options: seating height +2 cm, seating depth -2 cm.

Wide range

With Enna you can use a wide range of sofas, divans and elements to create either generous or compact configurations.

The elegant metal frame firmly holding the cushions in its grip is a typical feature and can be finished in any colour you could wish for. The ‘Bent’ arm cushions folded around the arms form a playful alternative to the standard ‘straight’ arm cushions.

Product information

More information about this model? Here you will find the leather and fabric options, the dimensions and technical specifications of this Leolux product.

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