Design Coffee Table Rolan by Leolux
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Design: Gino Carollo, 2020


A wide range of shapes

The Rolan table series was created by Italian designer Gino Carollo, with whom Leolux has collaborated on several occasions during the past years. The Rolan tables are also characterised by the streamlined form that you would expect from Italian designs. There are five different versions: three round tables, one oval one and one rectangular one. Each size is available in two different heights: 31 and 37 centimetres. If you combine a number of Rolan tables with varying heights and sizes, this creates a most stylish effect.


  • Coffee table series in 5 versions: 3 round tables, 1 oval and 1 rectangular table
  • Height: 31 and 37 centimetres
  • Table tops available in oak, walnut or ceramic.
  • Legs: aluminium of powder coated

Variation in materials

Apart from size and height, there are all kinds of different materials available for the table top. You can opt for a table top in solid (stained) oak, walnut or ceramic. And finally, you can order the aluminium table legs in every available Leolux epoxy colour. 

Coffee table 130x70 cm

Coffee table oval 130x50 cm

Coffee table Ø 55 cm