Studiopepe, 2023

Nature doesn’t need any help from us – but this bold coffee table by Studiopepe is designed to show off the character of the wood to the full, making it the star of the show.

Cross section

Loggia is made up of multiple glued layers of birch from which the legs are organically milled. When viewed in cross section, the grain of the wood comes sharply to the fore.

Powerful contrast

Loggia contrasts the strict geometry of the round or rectangular top with the playful organic forms and imposing volume of the legs. This creates an intriguing picture, almost like the leaf canopy of a giant forest.

A host of options

Loggia is available in two versions: a 130- by 70-centimetre rectangular top, or a circle 100 centimetres in diameter. There’s also a choice of coloured stains that allow the beautiful woodgrain to shine through.