Design Armchair Ysolde by Leolux
Design Armchair Ysolde by Leolux
Design Armchair Ysolde by Leolux


In loving embrace

With a little bit of help, life can soon be much more enjoyable. Leolux is always looking for solutions aimed, within a lovely design, at adapting comfort to your personal wishes. With a higher foot, extra firm cushions or technical innovations.

The swivel Ysolde armchair by Axel Enthoven provides welcoming support for the design lover. Its electronic “up” function provides a slightly higher seat or some well-earned assistance when getting up. Apart from this innovative assistance, special attention was also given to Ysolde’s finishing and detailing. Soft curves, a concealed operating system and decorative seams ensure that this steplessly adjustable armchair is always a real beauty in every position.

Getting up easily is just as important as a comfortable seat. Ysolde by Leolux makes a valuable contribution to your seating comfort. Because that’s what friends do. They help you.


  • Armchair with a mechanism that makes it easy to get up. Also available in a version without the up mechanism.
  • Also available: a head cushion for extra comfort.
  • For safety purposes, the swivel function is blocked when the up function is in operation.
  • Optionally, the nickel-plated leg can be delivered in all lacquer colours.
  • The charging cable for the battery is easy to access on the side of the seat.

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Leolux Signatures presents Ysolde

A subtle meeting of form and function characterises Signatures furniture. These are true masterpieces created by Jeroen Sanders and Axel Enthoven. Together, they have designed countless Leolux icons. Their 80 years of expertise and passion for design have been interwoven into every piece of Signatures furniture.

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