Design Armchair Caruzzo by Leolux
Design Armchair Caruzzo by Leolux
Design Armchair Caruzzo by Leolux
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Design: Frans Schrofer, 2015


Specially created for you

Caruzzo is a swivel armchair made just for you. He boasts a high back for your privacy and traditional upholstery details to ensure that Caruzzo is a feast for the eyes. The striking embroidered seam on the back of the seat is hand-made by Leolux craftsmen. It looks fantastic in a contrasting colour.

With Caruzzo, Frans Schrofer created a high-backed armchair of great class, with plenty of attention to design and ergonomics. And because functional design is in our blood, Leolux has added a clever mechanism so you define how actively or passively you want to sit yourself.


  • Caruzzo is available as a swivel armchair in two seat heights (+2 cm).
  • Inside and outside of the seat can be covered separately in any Leolux covering.
  • The aluminium base is available in a four or five-star version.
  • The base is finished in polished aluminium, the handle in chrome. Both can be finished in lacquer.
  • There are two matching footstools for extra comfort.
  • Crowned with the Reddot Award 2015 and "Good Industrial Design" 2015.

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Caruzzo: get a footstool free of charge

A comfortable gift!

As if Caruzzo's style and options aren't appealing enough, Leolux is now making a spectacular offer. Anyone who orders a Caruzzo armchair from one of the Leolux dealers will receive a matching footstool completely free of charge!

The footstool is executed in the same upholstery as the armchair.

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Artisan decorative stitch

Form and function reinforce each other in Caruzzo. The high back has been designed for optimal support and privacy and is finished at the rear with an authentic upholstery detail: the Artisan decorative stitch. Needless to say, you can choose the colour of the decorative stitch yourself.

Active or passive

And once you are seated in the armchair, you can use the sophisticated mechanism to determine how actively or passively you want to sit. This more than anything illustrates the essence of this beautiful armchair: Caruzzo is all about you.

Caruzzo stands for versatile luxury

This slim and stylish swivel chair by Frans Schrofer proves that comfort and elegance can go wonderfully well together. You can have the interior and exterior upholstered independently of each other with any type of upholstery from the Leolux collection. Will you opt for fabric or leather? For the well-known "Original" base or the new four-star "Pure" base? For uniformity or contrast?

In this way, you can adapt Caruzzo according to your wishes.

Product information

More information about this model? Here you will find the leather and fabric options, theĀ dimensionsĀ and technical specifications of this Leolux product.

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New: choice of two footstools