Cushion Topsy Turvy by Leolux
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Design: Edward van Vliet, 2017

Topsy Turvy

Pure class with a friendly softness

Upside down, back-to-front and inside out; that’s what “Topsy Turvy” means in English. It perfectly expresses what Edward van Vliet intended when he developed this unusual accessory. A cushion that literally has two faces: a fabric side and a leather side. When folded open, Topsy Turvy has a decorative function when you nonchalantly lay it over the armrest like a plaid blanket. That way, it can also be used as back support for smaller users of your sofa. Then when you close Topsy Turvy with the retro wooden buttons, you suddenly have a lovely soft cushion.

Pure class with a friendly softness. The result of Edward van Vliet’s creativity, and made by the people at Leolux.


  • Topsy Turvy is available in the sizes 77x54 and 97x49 cm.
  • These cushions always have a fabric (or Alcantara) and a leather side but can also be manufactured in any combination of fabric and leather to match your furniture.
  • The cushions in the Edward van Vliet collection are filled with a combination of foam and duck feathers.