Lamp Funo by Leolux
Lamp Funo by Leolux
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Design: Michael Raasch, 2020


Two light sources in one floor light

You might not think so at first sight, but this lamp has two sources of light. Funo provides you with atmospheric as well as functional lighting. The atmospheric lighting is located right at the top of the shade. This contains a round bulb, and the brightness is infinitely adjustable by using the dimmer in the foot switch. This generates warm light, and this in turn creates a cosy atmosphere.


  • Floor light with 2 light sources (atmospheric light + reading light)
  • Footswitch with dimmer
  • Colour: Black
  • Shade: hand-blown crystal glass

Reading light

The second light source is at the bottom, under the edge of the shade; this is a small reading light that you can turn on or off, and train it on your book or magazine when the main light is on. And the funnel-shaped shade definitely deserves a separate mention: it’s made of hand-blown crystal glass in an elegant shade of grey.