Art and Leolux

Art and interiors are inextricably linked with one another. So art has been central at Leolux for decades. Artists exhibit at Leolux, they illustrate the annuals and lend the buildings a distinctive look.

Olaf Hajek

The German artist and illustrator Olaf Hajek (1965) is joining forces in the coming years with the design manufacturer Leolux. Hajek is one of the most sought after international visual artists and his work often wins prizes.

His vision of the colourful Leolux world will be shown as from 2016, in brochures, advertisements, shops and conference stands, among other places. Olaf Hajek displays his personal vision of the world of Leolux: he imagines the consumer as a bird that feathers its nest with the most beautiful ingredients. He refers to the freedom that the consumer has at Leolux to completely personalise his or her furniture.

In addition to his beautiful work and the famous city maps he produces, Hajek works for multinationals such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Bacardi and Hermès. His illustrations appear in such magazines as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Vogue.

Inspiration: Leolux house artists

That inspiration goes back and forth during the collaboration. It makes Leolux more colourful, the art contributes to the lovelier world Leolux has in mind. The artists on their part are influenced by the creative process at Leolux.

A number of artists occupy a special place in the history of Leolux. You can also buy the art of our “house artists” in the Leolux Design Centers and the Via Creandi visitors’ center.