About Leolux

Leolux & green: manufacturing for a better planet

As a pioneering Dutch family business since 1934, Leolux considers sustainable production methods the only way to operate. That is important for our employees, the surroundings in which we operate and the natural environment around us. Future generations, your children and ours, all depend on it.

We are contributing to a better planet with our high quality, long-lasting contemporary furniture, taking into account people and the planet.

The history of Leolux

For almost eight decades, Leolux has been choosing the evolutionary route. Innovation and calm growth, steady but with a clear goal. 

A dynamic family business with a long history and a keen vision on design and the future. Leolux has been producing all its furniture in Venlo since 1934.

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Catalogue 2019

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At Leolux we believe in beautiful and special design furniture that offers extreme comfort and quality made for people for whom a characterless, massproduced product is just not an option. After all, you don’t choose the well-worn path, but prefer a personal product, that suits your identity.

This book gives you insight into the Leolux world: from furniture for living to artistic characters.

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Winning an award is something special. It is an accolade for the interplay of creativity and craftsmanship between the designer and Leolux. It also stimulates us to keep looking for innovative ideas.

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Art and Leolux

Art and interiors are inextricably linked with one another. So art has been central at Leolux for decades. Artists exhibit at Leolux, they illustrate the annuals and lend the buildings a distinctive look.

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