Sustainable business
~ Sustainable business ~

Sustainable business

People, planet, profit: three Ps basically summing up the concept "sustainable activities". It is a modern marketing term for something which Leolux has guaranteed for a long time: responsible operations.

Leolux produces its furniture in Venlo, the city nominated as the C2C (Cradle to Cradle) capital of the Netherlands. In this inspiring environment where research is being carried out to ascertain how we can achieve fully recyclable

Sustainable business

product flows, Leolux is delivering its own modest contribution. Making consumer goods will probably never be totally neutral, but Leolux regards it as its duty to strive for the maximum achievable. That is better for our people, for our environment and ultimately for the world we all live in.

On what can you judge us:

Reducing energy consumption
"Lights off when you leave the room,” read an advertising slogan of the 1970s following the report from the Club of Rome. At Leolux that is completely normal. Using less energy is the simplest way to ease the burden on the world around you. So we have installed sensors in our warehouses that switch the lights off automatically when there’s nobody there. Simple but effective.

Wood, leather and foam: the key ingredients
Leolux chooses materials that minimize the burden on the environment. Our wood, for instance, comes from regions that guarantee sufficient replanting, and our leather is produced using the latest techniques, by certified suppliers. The foam parts are produced without use of CFCs and where possible they are cast in dies, a process that results in practically no waste. Conscious choices are not always the easiest. But they are decisive to the environment in which we and our children will be living for the decades to come.

Employing environmentally friendly technologies
New technologies are making it ever easier to spare the environment: the traditional two-component lacquers have largely been replaced by water-based lacquers and coating powders. Not only is that better for the environment, because it minimizes emissions (from the chimney), but it also safeguards the health of the Leolux workforce, and extra health precautions are now necessary only at a single place in the lacquering department. Like the lacquers, the glues used are also water-based wherever possible. Chemical components that used to be needed have become superfluous. Good air replenishment is a requirement for all departments to protect the health of the employees and the climate within and without the Leolux walls.

Materials recycling
Leather, foam, lacquer and film: all materials that are used at Leolux and whose residues are ideal for recycling. The foam produced from precious oil is processed into new foam that is still perfectly good for various applications. Leolux sells waste wood, and leather residues that cannot be used for repairs are sold to buyers who make wallets or cushions, for example, out of them. Packaging materials and plastic components are fully recyclable.

Environment and transport
The logistics at Leolux are organised such that the number of trips can be kept to a minimum. We do everything we can to ensure that trucks run full, wherever possible also on the way back. Apart from the Leolux seating ideas, our drivers also take furniture with them of other brands that are built in the Leolux plants. By doing so, Leolux minimizes the burden on the environment and the road network. It also saves a good deal of miserable time spent in traffic jams and fuel costs.

Inventive use of heat
Leolux facilities are heated as efficiently as possible. In doing so we always look at what the best method is to achieve the maximum return with the minimum use of natural sources such as gas or oil. For application of residual heat freed up by the drying of sludge from the nearby water treatment installation, Leolux received an “environment forest” from the environmental organisation “Limburgs Landschap”. This symbolic forest consisting of four walnut trees was planted next to the Leolux visitors’ center.

Solar energy
An investment in solar panels offers outstanding opportunities, especially for companies. Long-term application is after all guaranteed on buildings that belong to the business. In 2010, Leolux equipped the Leolux Design Center in Krefeld with a series of solar panels. With them, the Design Center provides for all its own energy needs in a sustainable manner.